Learning: What's happening in the studio?

These are some pictures from an inquiry into trees that is happening with the kindergarten. 
            It started with the tree that has bricks inside it, a source of fascination and speculation to many people at Sabot. How did it get bricks inside it, and why are they there? The photo of the wire key shows one of the first ideas about the tree- that it had a magic door. Some of the children designed machines that could help look to see what is inside of the tree. Children began to hypothesize that the tree wasn't real, because real trees don't have bricks. That's when the kindergateners began a very detailed study of the attributes of trees. What makes a tree a tree?
            The project continues with new questions about leaves and roots. I am learning more about scaffolding science learning from the kindergarten teachers as they work with Dan (the science man). From the children, I am learning to have faith that science and imagination go hand in hand. The attributes that can be applied to a real tree,can conversely tell us what a 'fake tree' would be like, with pink leaves and a shiny blue trunk. Theories about how leaves change in the fall develop toward the "right" answer but not before they stop for a while to hang out with a rainbow bird who delivers colors when the seasons change.


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