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3rd grade masks

Each year the third grade practices using symbols.
Here they are making masks that show who they are.
Andrea, their teacher, asks a good question- what kind of friend are you?
How can you show that on your mask?

why i hate googly eyes and glitter

If the purpose of the atelier is to provide children the tools to test hypotheses and make thinking visible, then the media and materials in it have to be ones that work for those purposes. I am very, very careful about which things we keep around and which we avoid. Materials were my main research the first 2 years I spent as Atelierista. I did a lot of very intentional noticing, trying to figure out the answer to the questions  "How do children use materials?    Which materials serve children, considering Gardner's multiple intelligences?    Which ones have most potential for creative thinking?"
During that period I learned a lot about the way media and materials work in the school. I still experiment to learn the affordances of different materials...but for the most part, everything in the studio can be used in multiple ways. I don't want anything around that dictates its use to the children. Those little eyes, glitter, stickers- these things tell the children wh…

Introducing the studio: Starting with compositions

How do you introduce studio thinking to children each year? Last year I began by reading the 100 Languages of Children poem and then discussing it. This time I'm asking the children to make an image with loose parts. This is a nice way to experience the fluidity of ideas, since, with no gluing, the pieces can be placed and re-placed.The possibilities are endless!
 from the Meadow room 9/4/13

These compositions were inspired a conversation on google+ (atelierista community)-check it out if you'd like to join in!