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Metaphorical Thinking in the Forest room (where the children are 2 1/2 years old)

Outside, Kirsten rubs her hands together, stops, looks up at me, and rubs her hands together again.                                                           "The cold is like soap."

Umbrella project

Each year, we launch a new Umbrella project. We choose a big idea the whole school will think about together. This time, we're doing one that Lella Gandini suggested when she visited last year- time.

To start, the teachers gathered to fill our metaphorical pockets with ways of connecting ourselves, the children and families with the idea of time.

This is what we brainstormed... historicalcontext*counting*hindsight*timeline*traditions*birthdays*paperwhite*relationships*change*perception*seasons*breath*year*garden*germination*gestation*physical growth*change*clocks*sundials*
time travel*school at night*brain, neuroscience*mindfulness*the forest, nature*when does time stand still?*language like nostalgia,catharsis, lifetime, New York minute*modernity and time speeding up*
art and music history, jazz*theater history*repetition*cosmic time*distance/time*medicine/time*biological/time*photography*latitude*meridian*now/memory*hourglass*elapsed/remaining*analog/digital*anticipation*timed …

photography and growing...what is the question?

The K teachers and I gave the children black and white copies of the 'Superbooth" photos, hoping they would notice more about each others faces, and to give them time to talk about the guiding uestions for this inquiry...
How will you change in Kindergarten? What will you learn?
Tyler- I will learn how to ride a skateboard down my driveway. Graeme- How to be nice, all the time, to be friends with everybody. ? Brain? You'll learn how your brain works. G You'll know how to do stuff. (like what?) Like tie your shoes and even your teeth will fall out. Hailey I don't want my teeth to fall out. T Yeah, I want my teeth. G It’s ok, your grownup teeth grow in Skylar and you get new baby teeth every year. T baby teeth? S and grown up teeth. I’ll learn how to ride a pink motorcycle H When I grow up I’m gonna have a pet (?garbled) S I’ll learn all the second graders and first graders names (how?) By making new friends

(everyone sings, “Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver …

just paper

Sometimes even the simplest materials are enough to provoke creative thinking.

2nd grade- building a race track