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Not Listening to Children (Rainbow Room, 4 years)

Carter showed me this drawing:
 I heard him say "I want to make a comb for Tristan" I asked him what he'd like to make it with... cardboard? paper? wood?
I'm not sure if he said wood or if I told him that wood is a good material for making combs, but at any rate, he went to the wood shelf, got materials, and made this:
and then when Tristan saw it, she made this:

It wasn't until he went and told his teacher Elaine that he wanted to make a crown that I realized I had misheard him and was also looking at his plan the wrong way round:

I don't think Carter minded making the first piece- he told me today that he was happy he made both things, the comb and the crown. So I don't feel too bad about this, but it will serve as a lesson to me that even when I think I'm paying attention, I might not really be listening.