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Universal Children's day

This year for Universal children's day, which is November 20th, I asked some children to talk about rights and made them into little modules to play on WRIRlp, the community radio station I volunteer for. I just figured how to ad audio to a blog, so I thought I'd share these. Pardon the repetitive introductions- the good stuff is what the children* have to say!

Going on a hunt for sunshadows

photographs by Max, Max, Xander, Hunter, Duke and Tyler

Looking for Shadows and Reflections

While researching the movement of rainbows or sun shadows on the classroom rug, the group has had lots of opportunities to play with light in the basement light studio.

Turning Potty Talk into a project in the Kindergarten

I don't often do "art projects" at Sabot, though I have worked that way at summer camps, after school classes and the like. That means that sometimes I may have an idea that I have to save until an authentic opportunity to use it comes up.  Do you remember that the Kindergarten children have split into three groups after the initial provocation? (how can we make collecting weather data more interesting?) I have been working with a group thinking about light and space, an inquiry so big I can't even seem to write about it. Mauren's group, the Animal Bathroom group, started with a question about how animals survive in the winter but quickly moved into digestive systems and that most fascinating five year old's idea *poop!*. They have decided to make a Sabot version of the book 'Everyone Poops', and I helped them to make illustrations like Eric Carle does. 
 first they painted colors
then drew outlines

 cut shapes

and glued them down