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Children reflect on a project: teaching and learning, children and teachers

Toward the end of the school year, Marty asked the preschool teachers and I to lead discussions with groups of children. These were recorded by Bridget, a videographer who came to school to gather some footage to show what Sabot is like. Talking about magna-tiles/Meadow room Dylan “We made like lots of ships and buildings."
Freddie "And one day we had the legos AND the magna tiles out, and we build a huge tower, and we put legos in it."
Dylan "Yeah, yeah, but it fell, and it made a big splash."
Did you know that Nancy and Robyn were learning about magna tiles this year? They were learning by seeing what kids could do with magna tiles!
Freddie They didn’t even know?!!
Nancy Yeah, we thought you could only make ships and buildings. One way we learned was to give you challenges of different things.
Renae "I remember one challenge was building the word magna-tile."
Freddie "I can make a circle with, (sing song-y) triangle square, triangle square."