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Lynda Barry and the Mind's Eye

Today (6/23/15) I saw Lynda Barry talk about drawing. There is a little piece in her new book "Syllabus: Notes from an Accidental Professor" that says "In the mind's eye: How have visual images influenced the way we think about thinking?" It reminded me of this blog entry from 2012 when some 5 and 6 year old girls were talking to me about the 'mind's eye', and how they know about something they aren't close enough to see...

I had suggested to a group of kindergarten girls that I thought the best way to show a journey that starts and ends at the same place is with a round piece of paper. They tried it, but in the end explained to me that I was wrong, that the journey they were representing was best shown as a "bumpy square."  When the girls came back to the studio I asked them if  they thought that they all saw their forest walk the same way in their "mind's eye." Here are a couple of answers...

Isabel's picture explained…

Our Richmond: Animals in the city

Here are some pictures of animals that live in Richmond, painted and drawn by children from the kindergarten (5/6) and the Rainbow room (4/5). The Rainbow room thought quite a bit about animals in the city. They noticed raccoon and deer tracks around the school and made special friends with the Canada geese which live all around. The paintings are Canada geese by John, Scarlett, Beckett, and Pierce, and Kindergarteners Harper, Evan and Carter drew the other animals.
Canada geese, raccoons and a possum.