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Thoughts About a Mentor: Gail Perry of NAEYC

If we're lucky, we all have a few people in our lives who help us go further than we could on our own.

A long time ago, I started to get the feeling that it was important for teacher-researchers to get our work out there in some way. It was a combination of reading about the wonderful work that teachers in Reggio Emilia were doing, while at the same time, finding most of the rest of the literature about young children was kind of clinical. Beyond Reggio, Vivian Gussin-Paley, and a few others, where were the current stories written by teachers about children in their own classrooms? I began to look around for places to write and read these stories. That's when I found the Journal 'Voices of Practitioners'.

Gail Perry is the long time New Book Editor at NAEYC, but I know her as the Editor of 'Voices of the Practitioners'. I am so grateful to Gail, not only for publishing such wonderful work, but also for her nurturing care and attention while editing my own work…