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Three Year Olds Reimagine Downtown: Our Richmond

As a way to explore Richmond, the children and teachers in the Garden room (3years-4) last school year took a field trip to visit a parent's office downtown. While they played on a glassed-in walking bridge a man walked past and said "this is the most joy I'll have all day!"

I wasn't able to go on that field trip, but later worked with small groups of children in the studio to follow up on it.

In the studio, each group looked at some photos from the field trip. At first the children talked about danger- were they thinking about being alone in a big place? During the dialog, I wondered if I should bring the children back to those words about danger. It seemed to me at the time that it was almost like venting- they had to say things about being lost or hurt by cars in order to be able to move to a new subject. The four and five year old children had done much the same thing when they first talked about the city, except they focused on danger with strangers. Even t…