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The Dead Bird and the Secret Color of Angels

"I put a moon. A moon inside for the bird to shine, and a moon on top"
Penny, who just turned four

"On the folk-tale quest, encounters matter, be they with people, animals, luck or death. What is important in the quester is the readiness to encounter..." Jay Griffiths, A Country Called Childhood
The children in the Garden room found a dead bird outside one day. They did a lot of thinking about the bird in their classroom with Teachers Sara and Tiffany. They also came to the studio to make a coffin with caretaker and carpenter Pippin, and to decide how to decorate the coffin. I asked them what they thought would happen, now that the bird had died? During these conversations children would begin to sing. I started to pay attention to children's spontaneous songs.

Jeb (sings) Bird, Bird, Bird you will be dead, please will you turn into a  angel, or angel, or angel, or, a angel bird...
Annabelle (sings) I really love you bird, be well soon, maybe a lovebird, will co…

Small Moments/Point of View

Hagen had a plan to make this t.v.

Sammy and John were helping make a movie to watch on it. But there was one problem. These were made so the actor could see the picture, and during the show, the audience could only see the back of the paper. Some of the audience complained. 

I love seeing these little glimpses of theory in action. Understanding another's viewpoint is linked to empathy and 'theory of mind', or understanding that other people have their own thoughts and preferences. Perspective taking is also an important part of developing spatial reasoning, which is the ability to use clues to understand things like relationships between objects, distance and direction. Knowing that a person sitting across the table is going to see a different side of an object placed in the middle requires that you can mentally understand the other person thinks differently than you do, and also that you can picture the object from all sides. Being able to shift in perspective from seein…