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Crowds: Is a City Made of People, or Buildings?

OUR RICHMOND: Some thoughts about moments from this two year project.

The kindergarten started the 15/16 year thinking about the world championship bicycle races that flooded Richmond with people from all over the world.
This led to a year-long look at crowds and ultimately the question "Who are the people that make up the city?"

The children considered the concept of 'crowd' in lots of different ways. I was surprised when the children turned to ideas about the volume of spaces, scale and number in this conversation:

What is a crowd? Is this (our circle a crowd?)

Penelope Maybe if there was a hundred and thousand a hundred and thousand people in here.
Cal- (It would be crowded) if we were inside of a ant’s belly!
? (What if the people) could be a thousand feet tall, like a thousand feet tall. The size of the door!
Sydney Yeah! Let’s crowd up in a bundle!  "Yea! Yea! Yea!"
What if we shrunk to the size of ants, like Cal said? Would this be crowded then? "No…