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The Free Kids Art Studio 2016

Two years ago when the Kindergarten children were writing letters to Mayor Jones, one of their suggestions to him was to make studios around the city of Richmond so that:

The next year, in first grade, the children took up the free kid studio idea and worked to figure out how to make it real. At first they tried to design some buildings or vehicles that could carry materials around the city.
Eventually the children designed and built a table, and took the Free Kids Studio around to parks and childcare centers.

Yesterday the now second graders brought the free kids art studio to RVA Makerfest, so even more children could play and work with ideas. Hooray for the Free Kids Art Studio!

Small stories of discovery

New ways to paint! Messing about with a stamp and mixing colors.
Learning to use the hand drill!

Planning the work before making
(a bear)!