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holiday plan

"I want to make Santa."
"O.k., get a paper and draw a plan. What does Santa look like?"

"What do you want to use? Cardboard? Do you want to build Santa out of materials? Or maybe fabric?"

(boot and present cutting by anna) 

making dreams visible

W's dream "There was a wolf, and me and my Mommy were inside his belly, and we took a sewing needle, and we jumped up and jumped up, and we poked the wolf. We poked the wolf on the inside of his body, and that's how we got out. And my Mom's sewing needle, and my sewing needle, was still in the wolf, but he was ok. Maybe he'll be our pet"

A's dream "My dream, all my family, even my sister and my brother, and me, and my mom and my Dad, and we had a dream, and I was thinking about my whole house will break down and a dinosaur would step on it. We are in beds, this is me, and this is my Mama. And she's worrying about me."

J's dream "I had a bad dream. It was about S and me, and we was on a ship, and then, the giant squid, and then, the ship sinked, and then, we was falling into the water, and then he was in the giant squid tummy, and I was too, and then, I was dead. Yeah. And then when we were in the stomach, I was wearing a dress, and I had…

3rd graders in the studio

The third graders are working on a sculpture for their classroom which will show what a community needs to be healthy and work well. Here some of them are making symbols; a cow skull and falcon to symbolize stewardship and conservation of resources, and the earth, which symbolizes that all people are important, among other things.

Playing Fighting

(a note to the teachers to ask if they can have room to play with the Trojan horse they made) 

Dear Nancy and Robyn,
"We want to fight and get back Helen."

"That means the whole classroom has to be Sparta."

-Xander and Duke, 5

It is a regular thing in the four and five year old groups, that fighting games, weapon games, good guy and bad guy games, happen. We have learned over the years that playing about power and weakness and good and bad is part of the work of children at this age, so the teachers at Sabot approach this play in a way that gives it space to happen but also protects the children who feel worried or scared by it. So, when you want to play star wars or ninja or fighting, you have to find a teacher who is willing to watch the game and a space to play it in. When the games start to be played all of the time, over and over, and don't seem to be growing or changing any more, we might try to find a way to channel it into a story and a way to link it to …

diagraming an earache

"... and that's when I had to go to the doctor and get this weird medicine. "

W. "Orange is the pain on top of the brown. That pain connects to the red, to the red, to the red, to the red. All the red spots are good. But the brown part with the orange is bad. That's the pain -that's how the pain got on a good red. That made the pain bad. That (the green)'s my brain  -squiggle!"