making dreams visible

W. S. J and A, rainbow room, age 4

W's dream
"There was a wolf, and me and my Mommy were inside his belly, and we took a sewing needle, and we jumped up and jumped up, and we poked the wolf. We poked the wolf on the inside of his body, and that's how we got out. And my Mom's sewing needle, and my sewing needle, was still in the wolf, but he was ok. Maybe he'll be our pet"

A's dream
"My dream, all my family, even my sister and my brother, and me, and my mom and my Dad, and we had a dream, and I was thinking about my whole house will break down and a dinosaur would step on it. We are in beds, this is me, and this is my Mama. And she's worrying about me."

J's dream
"I had a bad dream. It was about S and me, and we was on a ship, and then, the giant squid, and then, the ship sinked, and then, we was falling into the water, and then he was in the giant squid tummy, and I was too, and then, I was dead. Yeah. And then when we were in the stomach, I was wearing a dress, and I had a ponytail... and I had sparkly shoes..."

S's dream
Well, the giant squid lives in the deep. Giant squids live way down deep in the water, so I need to draw more water, I'm gonna draw more water around him. There's me in his stomach. And two long tentacles come out here."