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cyanotype how-to (re-posted from several years ago)

Cyanotype how-toI've had a few new requests for a tutorial on how to make the cyanotypes that I like to work with. I studied photography in College, so I do have some background knowledge, but I think this is a very easy medium anyone could use. It is easy for the children to do, even very young children. We made some at summer camp just now, and it was fun.
Here is some background information;

I have never had any trouble with the chemicals in cyanotype printing. Of the two, (according to Wikipedia), one (potassium ferricyanide) can be mildly irritating to the eyes and skin, and the other (amonium ferric cirtrate), is a food additive present in the Scottish drink irn-bru

Now, the easiest way to start would be to buy a sunprint kit, which has ready-to-expose paper or fabric. Sometimes these are sold as blueprint kits; it is all the same thing. For use at my school, I wanted to be able to control the cost and the size of the photos we made, so I elected to bu…

reflecting on children, shadows and light

I have been revisiting the childrens' interactions with light as I'm writing a proposal for Inlight Richmond, a festival of contemporary art that explores light.

Could we create a replica of the light studio that Sara set up in the school's basement? What would the atmosphere of the canal walk add to the experiment?  Imagine the possibilities- what new understandings might emerge when the city is invited to play with light the way the children do? How might the traces of the children's explorations inspire the audience in their own collaborative interaction with light? I want to share the fact that children use media and materials like contemporary artists do, to explore ideas and test theories. What if, by offering the tools of their play with light to the city, the children become catalysts for new discovery and joy?
*all photos by the Garden room Teachers Sara and Andrea

mixing colors, creating shadows, dancing with the light, manipulatin…

Reflecting on new digital tools #clmooc

I've been trying the "connected learning massive online collaboration" group on google+ It's intense!

Here's a definition 
Connected Learning is an educational approach and a set of design principles for re-imagining learning in a digital age.
So what's it all about? It's about imagining digital technology as a way to connect people, rather than to separate. So instead of working on individual computers making, say, power point presentations (not that there's anything wrong with that), learners are making and presenting on the web with tools that encourage dialog and collaboration. We're scaffolding each other as we go! 

I've seen a ton of new tools
here are some that I've just begun to mess about with-

On the other hand it's been completely over-stimulating. There is no way I can understand half of the ways there are to make and do things online, (when …