Reflecting on new digital tools #clmooc

I've been trying the "connected learning massive online collaboration" group on google+ It's intense!

Here's a definition 
Connected Learning is an educational approach and a set of design principles for re-imagining learning in a digital age.
So what's it all about? It's about imagining digital technology as a way to connect people, rather than to separate. So instead of working on individual computers making, say, power point presentations (not that there's anything wrong with that), learners are making and presenting on the web with tools that encourage dialog and collaboration. We're scaffolding each other as we go! 

I've seen a ton of new tools
here are some that I've just begun to mess about with-

On the other hand it's been completely over-stimulating. There is no way I can understand half of the ways there are to make and do things online, (when I can't even do twitter!) and to try to figure out where each person is coming from. It takes a different kind of listening and a much faster pace than I'm used to.  As much as I love to collaborate, It's really hard to engage in conversation with what seems like everyone on the internet at once.
Then there's all the new lingo coming from the edtech world. I'm just going to ponder these two oft-repeated terms;
a make
a hack
 I'm a person who makes things all the time, but this way of thinking is new. What exactly is 
'a make'?  I'm not sure what it is in this context yet. But here's my try at this make cycle 3 challenge- make a map.
I've written a ton about mapping here, (place-and-mapping) and I am fascinated by things like time and sound used in mapping. So, I made a little story on prezi about music and time. Woosh! I'm gonna go hold a real book now. See ya tomorrow, internets


  1. You had me at "music."
    I appreciate how you document the fabric of music in your life (how many times do people ask you, You were at Woodstock but don't remember?).
    And I saw that you could add music and audio to prezi, but had not experienced it. So, I learned something new from you.
    Keep sifting through ...

  2. Repertoire--if it is all too much stick with a few tools in your repertoire and use them over and over to do all the makes and hacks. And if it is too much still, stop and have a quiet conversation with only one person. You are in control. I look forward to your take on next weeks cycle of makes--credos.


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