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We are terrific whistlers

2012 Umbrella Project Celebration


Thinking about how Ferris wheel chairs work/ meadow room


Nose Necklace


What could we transform a bicycle into?

Taking apart a bicycle has left us with lots of cool parts.  On Umbrella Project Night, we are going to transform them into something else.  I asked some of the 5 year old children "What should we transform the bicycle into?" a hippo with a bird on his back
 a penguin

a bunny
a giraffe with his tongue sticking out
a crocodile

"Wait! We could make a whole zoo!"

Putting up friendly signs

"I want to make it like a big sign, like a stop sign. Like on a big thing." Duke
"Put them on sticks, tall sticks" Annalise
"And we'll poke 'em in the ground."

  'Give someone a hug if they are sad'

 'give ice cream and cake to someone'   'a flower for you'  'have a balloon'

happy spring weekend to you


Our hands are getting stronger

"Our hands are getting tired, but they're getting stronger."