Putting up friendly signs

"I want to make it like a big sign, like a stop sign. Like on a big thing." Duke
"Put them on sticks, tall sticks" Annalise
"And we'll poke 'em in the ground."

looking for good spots

  'Give someone a hug if they are sad'

 'give ice cream and cake to someone'   'a flower for you' 
'have a balloon'
'play the guitar'
'be patient'
'give someone ice cream'
'be patient'  'give ice cream and cake to someone'
'give presents to your Daddy'
'a flower for you'
we hope these signs make you feel friendly


  1. 3rd Grade LOVED these signs. They once discovered, they just had to read every single sign and ran from one to another. It was also fun to join other children. We were joined by our curiosity as we tried to figure out what these signs were. All in all I would say these signs did a very good job of doing exactly as they were intended-- making us happy.


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