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Tinker Wall

All year long we have been talking about making some kind of a system for tinkering, so that the pieces are there for children to play with. Hopefully after the children have a chance to experiment and make discoveries with the pieces we make, they will begin to make and add elements of their own. This 'tinkering wall' is a prototype for a larger one we hope to install outside soon.

"We're doing hard work", they said

more signs

The Rainbow room has been thinking more about signs. The teachers noticed that one day, everyone was talking at once at circle, and no one could hear Gabriella's story. Could their be a sign that would help with this problem? We all talked about that and the children decided that they could make a sign that said 'be patient' so people would remember to wait to talk. I reminded the children that not everyone can read words. What they could draw that would mean 'be patient'?

 When I suggested we find a picture for the signs, D. told us he thought that it would be a good idea "to challenge the younger children with words".

The next day I went back to the Rainbow room with a long piece of paper so the children could draw their ideas, which I think are brilliant...

Kitty High Chair -next steps

Today when I came in, our wonderful "building man" Pippin had constructed a model of a high chair from one of the childrens plans. I brought it to their circle so they could talk about it. The teachers noticed some problems with the design, but would the children?

At circle, the children thought it was funny when we set the baby doll in the chair, and it would topple over!

After circle a group of children came back to the studio to draw their ideas for how to make the chair better.

Next I think I will make longer legs to see if the chair is more functional...and then maybe we will draw some chairs to see if that helps the children understand and represent more about "chair-ness". J is the only one who seems to have a mental picture of how a chair has to be constructed in order to work right. I wonder if he will be interested in observing and learning how to draw a chair?

What do kitties need?

There is a group of 5 year old children who have been playing a 'kitty' game all year (actually, when I mentioned that we'd noticed that, they told me that they played it last year, too). The teachers challenged them to think about how make some things that kitties need.

The first thing they are going to build is a high chair, which B.
and the others want to be very high!

you can see the very tall ladder in this plan, above.
and below you can see that the chair will have a cat's head-shaped back.