Tinker Wall


All year long we have been talking about making some kind of a system for tinkering, so that the pieces are there for children to play with. Hopefully after the children have a chance to experiment and make discoveries with the pieces we make, they will begin to make and add elements of their own. This 'tinkering wall' is a prototype for a larger one we hope to install outside soon.


  1. I really like this. So many possibilities for experimenting with motion and cause-and-affect. Nice!

  2. Definitely my next "project"! Great use of resources! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Way cool. Interested on how things change and develop, keep us posted!

  4. That final video of the little guy who is really working with trial and error, making watching for where it is going wrong, trying again - that is engagement. Tinkering always leads to engagement!


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