Studio and Umbrella Project Update

What's been happening with the studio and umbrella project? Well in the preschool, Kindergartens, grades one and two, I have been listening as well as bringing materials and ideas as provocations to help the children think about movement. 
Some of the habits of mind good studio questions and provocations help develop are; 
Responding with Wonderment & Awe
Engage & Persist
Stretch & Explore
Find Humor
-can you find any of these habits of mind happening in the photos below?

 In the Garden room, children are thinking about things moving through doors or walls. I brought their attention to a way generations of garden room children have been moving things between rooms. Children have to be persistent because only things that are just the right size will pass through the holes.

In the Rainbow Room, children tried using brads to make art that moves.Some children had never used a hole puncher.

The studio is transformed into a movement lab.
Wit great joy we took pictures and looked at this body moving!

making a skeleton with paper and brads

Hole punches and brads have inspired a lot of thinking about motion. K through
Second graders have discovered all sorts of things to make with brads as connectors, from cars to characters and animals. In Hope's kindergarten the 'art that moves' turned into puppets and puppet shows.
In the photos you can see former preschool children with a twin, a brother in a leg cast and a school bus giving two bunnies a ride.