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kindness, sharing and measuring

The girls in the Meadow room never have enough blankets to play their doggie game, and it sometimes causes arguing. 

Gabriella thought of an idea to make a 
"blanket that is big enough for everybody". 

But how big that would be? I like this glimpse of how thinking about measurement develops.

Finley said 

"Me and Gabriella got this. We have the tape measure....Oh! It's only that long! We need it to be all the way to the closet...   Well, I have a good and great idea for the tape measure to be longer...    We'll get a white paper, and then we'll make it skinny, then we'll put numbers on it, and, then, we'll know."

Now all we need to do is to see if the fixed-up measuring tape works in other contexts, to see if their idea was a good and great one for measuring lots of things, or not.

Ps. Don't forget about the SSP Institute! Register here. Early-bird registration rates are in effect through March 1, 2013. Conference dates:
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Institute and book group

People are signing up for the institute which is coming soon April 18th through the 20th! Everyone at Sabot is getting excited about the chance to meet colleagues from all over.  
I can't wait to show friends who I've only met here on the internet around the studio, and to talk about the Reggio approach as it looks here at Sabot, not just in the preschool, but up into the elementary grades, too. 

Yesterday we got the outreach action started with a first book discussion group. We shared chocolate and discussed a couple of chapters from the new, 3rd edition of The Hundred Languages of Children. I really enjoy the chance to meet with people who are as passionate as me, and who want to talk about new ways of thinking about schooling. It is always instructive to hear how that looks in other contexts. I am really looking forward to meeting again with the book group.

AND, I hope you'll think about coming to visit in April. The early bird discount ends March 1st, so sign up soon!


two stories

A group of children who love to think about Princesses, wolves, and forests have been meeting in the studio to tell stories. Here are two...

Friendly signs: funny faces

A group of kindergarteners are still working on friendly signs. Do you remember that they had an idea to make a game of signs, called 'Find the Lost Face'? Working on designing the signs is a big job. Today Mathilde, Tannin, Annie, Peyton and Lydia did some practice drawing funny faces.

Hello Ireland!

Part of what's so exciting about blogging is the connections it creates with educators all over the world. I was so happy to be interviewed by guest editor Orla Kelly in the Irish journal see more here:
About is the website of the first professional network in Ireland for artists working with children and young people and was developed by Kids’ Own Publishing Partnership in 2008. Since then, has grown as a national resource and support structure for artists working with children and young people, and has over 400 members nationwide. is an online collaborative space that provides an interactive platform for artists to connect, share and make visible their work with children and young people. As a user-driven resource it allows artists to create their own content and share the learning that they feel is most relevant to the wider community. also aims to validate and raise the profile of arts practi…

what we did today

A is writing a story about a rainbow wand

This and That

With the help of a couple of hard working parents, we have just started to make a materials center here at Sabot, something that has been a dream for a long time around the preschool. To see more about that, you can go to:

I am hoping to have some workshops centered around re-using and upcycling sometime soon. I have had a good time looking for project ideas, and pinning them to our materials center boards.
Take a look here:

Another thing I'd like to share is this book I worked on with my Sabot colleague Marty Gavett and friend Daniel Meier. The book is called Nature Education with Young Children, and it is due to be published at the end of this month. It's really an honor to be included here with the other authors, and to represent the children of Sabot preschool in this way. You can see more about it here:

Terracycling Robot Guys and Intersubjectivity

The Rainbow and Garden room teachers and I invited a group of 3 and 4 year old boys who love to tinker to think about making something to help with the terracycling in our preschool hallway. If you aren't familiar with Terracycle, it is a program that gives schools cash for refuse, and then upcycles the stuff in creative ways.** We took a look at some videos of recycling robots to get started. If you pay attention, you can see a wonderful part of the conversation here is an example of a group coming into intersubjectivity, as explained by Robbie.

Then they drew some of their robot, ramp, and machine ideas.  Neil- "Could you have a pipe?" I think so. "Oh, good. I need a long pipe. You put the thing in the pipe, and it will go down." Dylan- "We could make a squoosher thing, just like the thing (on the video) that squooshes the cans! 

How could you make a squoosher? What would push the recycling? Henry- "Oh! How about we put the recycling in there (the round h…

Mixed age preschool groups in the studio

Sometimes I can get in a groove with a teacher where I can really use the studio to take an investigation from their classroom further. This is my favorite thing to do because it takes true collaboration between me, the children and the teachers. It makes the studio and the classroom one.
At other times the studio can turn into a place of endless messing about. Don't get me wrong, messing about is important! But after a while, it tends to become less about new understandings, and more about sparkles or tape. So sometimes, the studio has it's own projects...

Tinkering, Systems and Recycling a group has been meeting in the studio to make a robot who will help with the terracycling in the preschool hallway.
Story exploring narrative with a group who loves princesses, castles, Mommies and babies
Animals Exploring media and materials with a group of children who have wanted to make animals all year

Friendly Signs if you read this blog, you already know what this group is doing