kindness, sharing and measuring

The girls in the Meadow room never have enough blankets to play their doggie game, and it sometimes causes arguing. 

Gabriella thought of an idea to make a 
"blanket that is big enough for everybody". 

But how big that would be? I like this glimpse of how thinking about measurement develops.

"It's not long enough. It has to be to here."

Finley said 

"Me and Gabriella got this. We have the tape measure....Oh! It's only that long! We need it to be all the way to the closet...   Well, I have a good and great idea for the tape measure to be longer...    We'll get a white paper, and then we'll make it skinny, then we'll put numbers on it, and, then, we'll know."

laying out paper to make a pattern
"It's almost long enough!"
"We're gonna make it higgle, biggle sized!"

Now all we need to do is to see if the fixed-up measuring tape works in other contexts, to see if their idea was a good and great one for measuring lots of things, or not.

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