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Talking about time with small groups

Sara  "Becket was missing his Mommy so, so, so much, that he said he needed the biggest clock…  so Becket, what did you want to do with a big clock?"
Becket  ''um, um, do the time when Mommy comes.'' Anna "remember when we looked at the clock downstairs? What about your kind of clock? Do you have a clock for when you’ll see your Mommy?" Becket ''I have a idea. I sit, I want to sit by the tree.''
Anna How will you know when to go home? John ''3 inclock" A does a clock help you know? John "yeah" Teacher how? John, looking at a clock “there’s a hole in the back” Zoey "I do know when to go home. 10 o’clock." Oh! do you have an alarm clock? "I used to, but my alarm clock broke. One time, when I was trying to reach the very top when I was one. On my tall screen door dresser. I fell off, and my alarm just fell off and broke into teeny tiny pieces." well then how do you know when to wake up if your alarm cloc…

A Pocket for the Moon

After deciding to give the Moon some carrots, the children said the moon needed a pocket. Soon Sarah Anne, the small group and I went back outside to look for the moon. I brought some bags of different sizes, to see if figuring out what size pocket the moon would need was the next step. They had already decided the pocket would either be white or red. After examining all of the "pockets" and drawing a bit, the children ran around and played for a while before spontaneously climbing into a rocket and flying home.

Q. Can we make one big story out of many?

I work with a group from the kindergarten every day for an hour. This group of storytellers seemed like one who could do more work with narrative. What was a likely a challenge? Could they make one big story out of many individual ones? Duke and Xander told the group they were hoping to finish a project from last year- a play about the Trojan Horse. We pulled out the handy dandy Daulaire's Book of Greek Myths and got into the story of the apple of discord and the 3 Goddesses who argued over it. Everyone agreed it would make a good play, and so we got to work. The other children decided on characters they wanted to be- a Greek army soldier, two mermaids, a dog, a cat, a fox, and a ninja. I asked everyone to draw a picture of their character, so we would know what kind of costumes we would need to make. As they drew, they fleshed out the characters and the story.
 There was a problem. Our ninja said he didn't know how to draw a ninja! Luckily the soldier spent a good part of a pr…

The Moon in the Garden

In the Forest room, teachers began to collect stories from the children. In the studio, we met and talked about the moon several more times. The children continued to notice the moon in the sky when they went to the playground. Sarah Anne and I decided to take the children outside to look for the moon see what might happen.

a picture for the Moon

Here is a transcript of the children's conversation that day:
Tucker (jumping up and down, looking at the sky) There it is! I did it, I did it! Come play, Moon! Harry  Come back and play! Come back and play!
Tucker  Come back here! Harry Come back and play! Tucker  Come back here! Harry  Come back here! Tucker  Look, an airplane! Teacher Can the airplane catch the moon? Tucker  No! It can’t! Teacher  How can we catch the moon? Tucker  We gotta get an astronaut! Teacher  Can the moon come and play with us? No Why? MasonCole Moon home Mommy. Come back! Moony! Come back Moony! Come out Moony!

The Moon on the Playground

Sarah Anne, Fran and I are collaborating on a project that started when the two year olds noticed the moon outside one day. Isn't it curious to see the moon in the daytime? The children have come to the studio to talk about it a few times. 

One day a group of children came and said;

The moon was on the playground! (Anna) What did the moon do? the moon sees his mommy Where did the moon go? going home to his mommy is the moon invisible when it goes away? because it's half teacher what else is in the sky? the sun once the moon was on the playground! teacher where does the moon and his Mommy live?
they live in their house in the sky

Another day, they made a story about the moon and a wolf. 
The wolf said "I doggie."
The Moon said "What's your name?"
The moon was in the sky.
The moon came down.
The moon said "hi". The wolf Said "hi". 
The moon went up to the sky.
The wolf went up to the sky.

(Tucker, Sammy, Mason Cole, Zane, Harry, Kirsten, Charlie, Libby  have…

InLight Richmond and the amazing portable light studio

I'm not sure what to say about InLight yet. What I keep thinking about is the process it went through from the first visitors at 5 to the last at 12:15, from the initial set up and careful first explorations by children and their families, to the crowd growing bigger and bigger, and then the place where it nearly got out of control and then... as the crowd thinned out and it got too late for most of the children, people started to interact slowly, creating more and more intricate structures and projections. I hope you can get a taste of it here..
(video may be easier to see in full screen)

InLight Richmond this Friday!

I am very excited about InLight Richmond, coming up on Friday evening. This is a chance to put into practice the idea of "bringing visibility to children" as our youngest citizens 
(see this post on the culture-of-children )
At school I see children investigating light in many ways; mixing colors, creating shadows, dancing with the light, manipulating it with translucent and opaque materials and projections. Sabot teachers provoke these rich interactions by arranging an environment that the children can’t resist.
The piece is twofold; it is a multi-media exhibition documenting children’s investigation of light and darkness, and it is also an installation which encourages the audience to experiment and interact with light.
So on Friday, we will create a light studio at the canal 
using video, audio and projected photographs of children engaged in the exploration, we will inspire visitors to mess about and make their own discoveries about light and darkness. 
By offering the too…