The Moon in the Garden

In the Forest room, teachers began to collect stories from the children. In the studio, we met and talked about the moon several more times. The children continued to notice the moon in the sky when they went to the playground. Sarah Anne and I decided to take the children outside to look for the moon see what might happen.

a picture for the Moon

Here is a transcript of the children's conversation that day:

Tucker (jumping up and down, looking at the sky) There it is! I did it, I did it! Come play, Moon!
Harry  Come back and play! Come back and play!

Tucker  Come back here!
Harry Come back and play!
Tucker  Come back here!
Harry  Come back here!
Tucker  Look, an airplane!
Teacher Can the airplane catch the moon?
Tucker  No! It can’t!
Teacher  How can we catch the moon?
Tucker  We gotta get an astronaut!
Teacher  Can the moon come and play with us?
MasonCole Moon home Mommy. Come back! Moony! Come back Moony! Come out Moony!

Teacher  You’re telling it to come back and play? What game do you want the moon to play with you?
Tucker  I want to play with toys on the playground. I can play with squirrels!
Teacher  Does the moon like to play with squirrels?
Tucker  yeah!

Teacher  Can we go to the moon’s birthday party?
How can we go?
We go that way. (points up)

Teacher  Moon, Tucker wants to play with you!
Tucker  Tucker wants to play with you!
(The children had been drawing on clipboards) Can you show the moon your picture?
Tucker It did! It did! It did like my picture. Moon you like my picture? Moon! You like my picture?

Mason Cole Baby moon! That mommy moon.

Harry  I play the moon!
Tucker I wanna play with you!
Harry You play, the moon!
Tucker I wanna play with you!
Harry I’ll play with yooooooooou!
T I wanna play with you in the skyyyyy!
Harry Moon going come back. Now come the Moon, play!
Anna Look, a bird!
Tucker Quack quack quack quack ooh ooh ooh!

SA what is the bird saying?
Mason Cole Play moon come! Squirrell, come! 2 squirrells! 2 squirrells. Come back 2 squirrells!

Next, the children ran around collecting fallen leaves. They said they were carrots. Carrots for the moon! We asked "how will the Moon keep the carrots?" One of the children said 'a pocket'.
So, that's how we came to be working on making a pocket for the moon.


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