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Old City Hall

Ever since children in the Kindergarten class took their bus trip downtown, they have been representing Old City Hall. Is there something about the Victorian architecture that has captured them? They really seem to have noticed the texture of the building.

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4th grade: Color wheels and light


Fourth grade periscopes in the Rainbow Room

"Even a committed educational researcher such as Jerome Bruner ceased to ask the causal question 'how do children learn? and began to ask 'how are meanings made?' It was this complex question that took him out of the clinical setting and into the real world in order to understand the culture of learning (Bruner, 1996. in Art Practice as Research by Graeme Sullivan)

So, how are meanings made, I wonder? What are they made of?
I don't know... but maybe they are made of experiences and reflection- adding thoughts about new experiences to what you already think and remember. I think that in the studio meanings can be made when we use media and materials to form and show our thinking, or to answer a question or solve a 'knotty problem'.
A simple example was when Melanie challenged the fourth graders to show what they know about how light moves by making periscopes.

Think of all of the steps involved-
-playing with light and mirrors long enough to develop a theo…

Exploring new materials in a new (to me) way. Then, music!

"First I will make a plan." He chose a green piece of paper and a blue marker- his favorite color and Mommy's favorite. He drew a series of shapes. "Now I will build it"
The idea of building this plan made me think twice. I might have assumed these shapes were letters, except for the statement "now I will build it." Inspired by this article, I tried carefully not to identify any of the shapes as letters, or anything else that would fit only into my schema, but not his.

After bending this shape together, he could do it himself!
Later, a small group came back to try drawing and wire. They all drew shapes and bent wire to go along with them. This was the first time I saw children who are three use wire this way, by using it in correspondence with drawing, without a lot of prompting from a teacher.

After a while, the children began to play with the wire in all sorts of ways.
Then this happened!