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Put a song in a rainbow

A group of 4 year old children have noticed rainbows around the school, near windows, on walls and floors. They have hunted for rainbows and colored many pictures of them. A small group came to the studio and I asked them two questions...
"what do rainbows sound like?"
The children looked at me for a moment and then laughed.

Bella and McGuire said "Quiet, cause rainbows don't talk."
"Anna, rainbows don't have mouths, so they can't talk. Rainbows don't say anything!"

So I asked "Well, what do rainbows hear?"

"They hear animals." "They hear cats, owls, and dogs. Meow, meow, woof, woof, ooooo, woooo, ooooo"
Dahlia said "rattlesnakes, cause of the rattles, and they hear Unicorns."   

Bella said "If you listen to a rainbow, you might hear a unicorn."

McGuire said "I don't think unicorns live in rainbows. I think they just live in fairytales. I think it (the rainbow) would just hear an…

new year, new projects

During phase-in time for preschool, the children have been learning routines and getting to know each other. I am learning new routines as well. This is complicated by the fact that routines and timing and scheduling are my WORST ENEMY, with the result that I can't find any of my camera cords to download pictures now, but yesterday I couldn't find any of the chargers to charge the cameras, which all died because of taking so many pictures. Let's all breathe, ok?             Good.

Last week I helped a lot on the playground and in classrooms. I brought some studio materials with me. These children (above) were drawing the wheel that Duke is holding.

I have been working with older children inside the studio. One very exciting inquiry is the 3rd grade's look into the water cycle. One group came in to draw out what they know about the water cycle, which led to questions about what happens with water underground, and how water (for instance) in a pon…

finding our way to the studio

Pre-school hasn't really started yet, but each class k-8 has had an introduction to the studio, which began with a reading of the Hundred Languages of Children by Loris Malaguzzi. I never truly felt the poem until I decided to discuss it with all of the children, but it is really quite powerful. First graders wondered if the part where "they steal 99, the school and the culture" was about mean people. Second graders liked to think about feeling joy and excitement every day at school, not just at holidays. Middle-school students agreed that school should not "separate the head from the body", and that students should be free to move, run and play games.
Here are a few pictures from this week
-the second grade
                            ...and 4th and 5th graders mapping the sounds we could hear around us
And the poem, by Loris Malaguzzi
The child is made of one hundred.
The child has a hundred languages
a hundred hands
a hundred thoughts
a hundred ways of thin…

Studio Life

The studio is ready, and today the kindergarten tried it out.
It looks a lot better with
some paintings and clay work drying on the shelf, and sounds a lot better with some lively conversation.
Today's topics; Maps, Birds and Cars (the kind that can fly)