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During phase-in time for preschool, the children have been learning routines and getting to know each other. I am learning new routines as well. This is complicated by the fact that routines and timing and scheduling are my WORST ENEMY, with the result that I can't find any of my camera cords to download pictures now, but yesterday I couldn't find any of the chargers to charge the cameras, which all died because of taking so many pictures. Let's all breathe, ok?             Good.

Last week I helped a lot on the playground and in classrooms. I brought some studio materials with me. These children (above) were drawing the wheel that Duke is holding.

I have been working with older children inside the studio. One very exciting inquiry is the 3rd grade's look into the water cycle. One group came in to draw out what they know about the water cycle, which led to questions about what happens with water underground, and how water (for instance) in a pond, which seems self contained, relates to the ocean or the water that gets to our houses. Another group is composing a dance to illustrate the water cycle, complete with costumes and music. It is both great fun and inspiring to work with them.

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  1. I love the idea of the dance.... hope I get to see it!


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