Put a song in a rainbow

A group of 4 year old children have noticed rainbows around the school, near windows, on walls and floors. They have hunted for rainbows and colored many pictures of them. A small group came to the studio and I asked them two questions...
"what do rainbows sound like?"
The children looked at me for a moment and then laughed.

Bella and McGuire said "Quiet, cause rainbows don't talk."
"Anna, rainbows don't have mouths, so they can't talk. Rainbows don't say anything!"

So I asked "Well, what do rainbows hear?"

"They hear animals." "They hear cats, owls, and dogs. Meow, meow, woof, woof, ooooo, woooo, ooooo"
Dahlia said "rattlesnakes, cause of the rattles, and they hear Unicorns."   

Bella said "If you listen to a rainbow, you might hear a unicorn."

McGuire said "I don't think unicorns live in rainbows. I think they just live in fairytales. I think it (the rainbow) would just hear animals."

Henry though the rainbows inside school could hear him walking in, and demonstrated the sound of footsteps. Lorenzo thought they could hear the sound "of me putting my bag on the hook, tap tap tap." McGuire said "they can hear me talking. They can hear all the children in the world."

Someone said "maybe we could put a song in a rainbow". So that's what we will try to do next.

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  1. Hmmmm.... I wonder what they will come up with? An original tune, a collaboration perhaps? or something that they already know?


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