The Moon on the Playground

Sarah Anne, Fran and I are collaborating on a project that started when the two year olds noticed the moon outside one day. Isn't it curious to see the moon in the daytime? The children have come to the studio to talk about it a few times. 

One day a group of children came and said;

The moon was on the playground!
(Anna) What did the moon do?
the moon sees his mommy
Where did the moon go?
going home to his mommy
is the moon invisible when it goes away?
because it's half
teacher what else is in the sky?
the sun
once the moon was on the playground!
teacher where does the moon and his Mommy live?

they live in their house in the sky

Another day, they made a story about the moon and a wolf. 

The wolf said "I doggie."
The Moon said "What's your name?"
The moon was in the sky.
The moon came down.
The moon said "hi". The wolf Said "hi". 
The moon went up to the sky.
The wolf went up to the sky.

(Tucker, Sammy, Mason Cole, Zane, Harry, Kirsten, Charlie, Libby 
have all participated in these discussions)


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