Institute and book group

People are signing up for the institute which is coming soon April 18th through the 20th! Everyone at Sabot is getting excited about the chance to meet colleagues from all over.  
I can't wait to show friends who I've only met here on the internet around the studio, and to talk about the Reggio approach as it looks here at Sabot, not just in the preschool, but up into the elementary grades, too. 

Yesterday we got the outreach action started with a first book discussion group. We shared chocolate and discussed a couple of chapters from the new, 3rd edition of The Hundred Languages of Children. I really enjoy the chance to meet with people who are as passionate as me, and who want to talk about new ways of thinking about schooling. It is always instructive to hear how that looks in other contexts. I am really looking forward to meeting again with the book group.

AND, I hope you'll think about coming to visit in April. The early bird discount ends March 1st, so sign up soon!

Join us in beautiful Richmond, Virginia, in April for Personal Pathways and Paradigms. This institute, featuring some of the most innovative and compelling leaders in education today, will take place on the campuses of Sabot at Stony Point and the University of Richmond. Register by March 1st for early bird rates.
Inspired by the most well-regarded educational theorists of our time, the schools of Reggio Emilia, Italy are, in turn, inspiring teachers all over the United States and the world by reigniting teaching passions and re-connecting practitioners with motivating work. This is 21st century education with roots of 60 plus years.
You will hear from Lella Gandini, teacher, consultant, author, and liaison to the Reggio schools, and David Kelly, curriculum leader, known for his authentic voice and recent work in New York City with the Blue School. Pam Oken-Wright, author and popular speaker, who is a teacher-researcher at St. Catherine’s school Junior Kindergarten andDebbie Lickey, co-author of Starting with Their Strengths, a teacher who pursued this approach with children with special needs, will also present.
Additionally, the institute features teachers from Sabot at Stony Point known internationally for their work.
Anna Golden is our studio teacher and author of the popular blog Atelierista. Her most recent contributions to the field are found in the new book Nature Education with Young Children: Integrating Inquiry and Practice.
Sara Ferguson is a 17-year master teacher-researcher who speaks internationally and shares her inspiring work with three year olds.
Mary Driebe is a veteran Kindergarten teacher who uses questions and inquiry to support students in their in-depth explorations. Her work was most recently seen at Lesley University’s Reggio conference. Her blog, Gleanings, is a must read.
Andrea Pierotti’s work was seen at the 2011 University of Calgary’s Reggio conference in Calgary, Canada. She will share in-depth conversations and the teaching strategies she uses to support 3rd graders as they delve into the mystery of shadows.
On the pre-conference day, see preschool and elementary classrooms in action; children involved in project work and working in outdoor classrooms.
Register here. Early-bird registration rates are in effect through March 1, 2013.
Conference dates:
Thursday, April 18 - Pre-institute day
Friday, April 19 and Saturday, April 20
For more information, visit the institute websiteemail us, or call us at 804.272.1341.