This and That

With the help of a couple of hard working parents, we have just started to make a materials center here at Sabot, something that has been a dream for a long time around the preschool. To see more about that, you can go to:

I am hoping to have some workshops centered around re-using and upcycling sometime soon. I have had a good time looking for project ideas, and pinning them to our materials center boards.
Take a look here:

Another thing I'd like to share is this book I worked on with my Sabot colleague Marty Gavett and friend Daniel Meier. The book is called Nature Education with Young Children, and it is due to be published at the end of this month. It's really an honor to be included here with the other authors, and to represent the children of Sabot preschool in this way. You can see more about it here: