Mixed age preschool groups in the studio

Sometimes I can get in a groove with a teacher where I can really use the studio to take an investigation from their classroom further. This is my favorite thing to do because it takes true collaboration between me, the children and the teachers. It makes the studio and the classroom one.

At other times the studio can turn into a place of endless messing about. Don't get me wrong, messing about is important! But after a while, it tends to become less about new understandings, and more about sparkles or tape. So sometimes, the studio has it's own projects...

Tinkering, Systems and Recycling
a group has been meeting in the studio to make a robot who will help with the terracycling in the preschool hallway.

exploring narrative with a group who loves princesses, castles, Mommies and babies

Exploring media and materials with a group of children who have wanted to make animals all year

Friendly Signs
if you read this blog, you already know what this group is doing


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