Kitty High Chair -next steps

Today when I came in, our wonderful "building man" Pippin had constructed a model of a high chair from one of the childrens plans. I brought it to their circle so they could talk about it. The teachers noticed some problems with the design, but would the children?

At circle, the children thought it was funny when we set the baby doll in the chair, and it would topple over!

After circle a group of children came back to the studio to draw their ideas for how to make the chair better.
C thinks the chair should be shorter

observing and drawing in the studio

explaining the plan

measuring to see how to make the chair shorter

"Make it much taller" (B. also added cat toys and a scratching post)

J showed how he would ad another side piece just like the first one,
 and a wide piece of wood to sit on. 
"Pippin should make blocks to hold up the bottom of the legs.
That will stable it."
Next I think I will make longer legs to see if the chair is more functional...and then maybe we will draw some chairs to see if that helps the children understand and represent more about "chair-ness". J is the only one who seems to have a mental picture of how a chair has to be constructed in order to work right. I wonder if he will be interested in observing and learning how to draw a chair?


  1. I love that you (Pippin) had built the chair just as drawn--what a wonderful way for the children to see the problems themselves! I love this, and will be looking for ways to apply that technique in my own work.


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