more signs

The Rainbow room has been thinking more about signs. The teachers noticed that one day, everyone was talking at once at circle, and no one could hear Gabriella's story. Could their be a sign that would help with this problem? We all talked about that and the children decided that they could make a sign that said 'be patient' so people would remember to wait to talk. I reminded the children that not everyone can read words. What they could draw that would mean 'be patient'?

 When I suggested we find a picture for the signs, D. told us he thought that it would be a good idea "to challenge the younger children with words".
people who are fishing by Juliet

The next day I went back to the Rainbow room with a long piece of paper so the children could draw their ideas, which I think are brilliant...

people in a rocket by Tanner

3 dogs waiting at a window by Xander
a school by Emory
School by Finley

A guy thinking about a rock by Duke


  1. OK, sometimes I AM the guy (well girl) thinking about the rock!


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