What could we transform a bicycle into?

Taking apart a bicycle has left us with lots of cool parts. 
On Umbrella Project Night, we are going to transform them into something else. 
I asked some of the 5 year old children "What should we transform the bicycle into?"
a hippo with a bird on his back

 a penguin

a bunny

a giraffe with his tongue sticking out

a crocodile

"Wait! We could make a whole zoo!"


  1. Anna, what an amazing demonstration of the children's ability to employ imagination and visual imagery. Thank you for showing the side by sides of the bike components and the children's drawings and plans. An inspiring post!

  2. Thanks Irene. I think this kind of metaphorical thinking (visual or otherwise) is so interesting!

  3. I keep thinking of that Picasso piece of the bicycle seat/bull http://bikehugger.com/post/view/picassos-bicycle.
    In Provence young boys practice being matadors with a bicycle contraption that has bull horns -- that reminded me of Picasso as well.

  4. Thank you for sharing! Our center's cook just brought in his bicycle and we snatched it for a study. Children love bicycles! Now I wish we had one we could deconstruct. I turned the bike upside down and the children were fascinated with the concept of how the petals turn the wheels and how the breaks stop them from spinning. Will post a blog as soon when the crazy end-of-school-days calms down.


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