The discovery of oil pastel

Early in September, Samantha came to the studio to make something. She didn't have a specific idea, and I had oil pastels out on the table, so I invited her to use them. She said she hadn't used them before.She selected a large, chunky brown pastel.

As she drew shapes with the brown pastel, she became more and more delighted, exclaiming "It's pony colored! Pony color orange! Hey, this color makes a path color. I made a path to a river", she said, coloring on the green tape she had added to her picture.

This small moment seemed important because of the way Samantha responded to the new media she had discovered. She noticed the rich color and creamy feel of the oil pastel, remarking at the way it got on her hands, which caused smudges on the paper.
After three weeks, Samantha came back to the studio just looking to 'make something'. This time she selected the oil pastels off the shelf herself and began to color with the same brown pastel.

 She asked me to write the story of her picture.

"Once upon a time there lived a lake. Then, one day, a board (with legs) came by. On top of that board lived a monster. They were in love, the board and the monster. They swam in the Lake, which made the Lake so happy, that they all lived happily ever after.                                                  The End.

I love this story very much, especially because it grew out of the interplay between Samantha and that brown pastel. How did she remember it after almost a month?


  1. I love this story very much as well!

  2. oh the things she has remembered from her babyhood would blow your mind....
    Samantha's mommy

  3. Mary, thanks for taking a look, and for your comment!


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