Place at the Pre-school

 (Photo by Henry)
Our work on Place continues. The investigation of children's concept of place has taken different forms in different classrooms. For instance, in one of the Forest rooms, it seems that everything they do has to do with the children's growing knowledge of our place, the school.
I have been working with groups of children from the Meadow and Garden rooms to provoke thinking about place and memory, by asking "What will you want to remember about this place, after you have moved on?"

We have another school-wide intention that complements the investigation into the concept of Place, and that is to look more closely at how children use photography.
(Dacy's Favorite place at school -the Labyrinth)     
Here are some examples of  the children's drawings of important places, and some of the photographs the children have taken of those places.

(Abel -the creek)
(Benjamin -Lifting heavy things)


(Oliver -The Egg chairs)


  1. Wow, what an inspiring project. We've never really explored photography, but one of my parents has been bringing in her spare camera and having the children make portraits of one another -- I just saw the results last night and was blown away by how cleverly they captured their friends. We really need a classroom camera.

    (For what it's worth, when I want to caption a photo, I just center it, then write the caption, also centered, in a smaller typeface directly below it.)

  2. Our struggling three's class has done a ton of work around place and identity. I found that giving children a huge amount of agency over space, documenting changes and revisiting documentation repeatedly not only created a strong sense of place, but a stronger group identity. Very interesting!


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