Place and Imagination...

Sitting with a group I had challenged to draw a favorite place, "something you will want to remember after you leave this place", Abel had drawn; "Benjamin with 2 extra heads and snowballs falling all around".


Next, I asked Abel to create this drawing life-size, so that we could take a photo of the real Benjamin in the scene. The snowballs seemed easy enough to make, but how will we make Benjamin have 3 heads? A headband with two paper heads on top might work.

Abel drew the snowballs with faces, hung them on string, and Benjamin came to the studio to help make and to wear the hat with 2 extra heads. Abel took pictures, and Arthur came along and took photographs using a second camera.
Soon, I will ask the guys what they think of the photos (or, if parents happen to read this, please ask them for me, and comment here if you like.)
Do they represent Abel's vision? Was it fun for Benjamin to be the subject of this whimsical project?

Mostly, I am excited by the prospect of helping children cross modes from drawing to photography and back again. It seems like a technique that could be very useful for helping children think through ideas about what is real and what is not.


  1. This is easily one of the coolest art projects I've ever seen. The fact that you've done it so purposefully and thoughtfully is just a bonus. This is something these two boys will carry with them forever.

  2. AWESOME! I can't wait to hear what the boys think of their work. I agree that the children will carry this with them through their lives - I'm seeing it with Griffin, who decided on his own to join my 365 project and recently drew a schematic showing me his idea for the photo he wanted to take, then directed me in shooting it. What an amazing foundation the school gives these kids!

  3. Wonderful, how does it manage to create such a feeling of freedom?

  4. I did not see this until now, Anna. I showed Abel the pictures and this is what he said:
    Isn't that a lot of snowballs?
    We're pretending like Benjamin has three heads.
    We're pretending like there's not tape and string on those snowballs.
    All of the faces on Benjamin, even his real one, are angry because all the snowballs are falling on him.

    He agreed that it was a good representation of his vision. And Benjamin (who is visiting) said that it was fun except he had to hold up the two extra heads because they didn't stand up.

    Thanks for sharing this!

  5. Thanks Mary Beth,
    I feel shy to tell parents to look on the blog (beyond the big sign in the hallway), I know everybody is so busy... but I'm so glad you saw it! Thanks for asking Abel about the experience, and for commenting!


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