What happened in the studio today

So many things happen in every classroom every day. Some things that happened in my studio today were continuations of longer-term investigations, while others were people coming in to just 'make something.' Here is what happened in the Sabot studio today...

Rainbow room rocket builders worked on space helmets. Some liked the plaster helmets we had been letting dry, some did not and will keep working. Benjamin came to build a transformer using hammer and nails, then Abel and Benjamin worked on the snowballs for the photo, and Arthur came and took photos. Lola continued making robots, Ainsley and Dacy made dog toys, Cooper made a chart showing all of his favorite stuffed animals, Nolan worked on his model of the school, adding a path and labyrinth, Isabel drew a picture of our first aid kit, and Stella started a beautiful gift for her Mom.


  1. I'd love to come play in your studio. It looks like a magical place.

  2. I love your blog and check in on it time to time.
    Thank you for sharing your reflections and those of the chlidren. I am an atelerista at a school in IL. In the studio where I work the children many times choose to work on whatever it is they have on their mind, which can change from moment to moment! Sometimes they do long term investigation, but it is more rare. I am curious as to how the children move from studio to classroom. Is the time allocated ahead of time, is the studio always open? How much time do you spend in the classrooms, observing and interacting with the children? This is the second year the school has ever had an atelierista, I have fulfilled the role so far each year...I feel that we are in the beginning stages of finding out how to incorporate the studio and role of atelierista into the school.

    Any feedback you might have would be much appreciated! Cheers to you! Bravo...

    Michelle Korte Leccia

  3. Thanks Michelle! I will do a post that shows how I move back and forth from the classrooms to the studio, but I like you, feel like I am just beginning to understand how to do that. How to support and help the teachers and still have the studio available for 'messing about'?
    One thing is true, I have really pared down the environment and steer more toward investigations that are long term or at least support the learning that is happening in the classrooms. After 14 years, I am a little tired of glitter and foam shapes. (-:
    Let's talk more!


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