Place and the Meadow Room, or, If the school has moved across the river and a popsicle stick falls in the studio , will it make a sound?"

The Meadow room is drawing a book of memories about this place.
They hope that next year and in the future, children will look at the book and remember what the old Sabot School was like.
Henry and Benjamin were working on pages for the book. Benjamin went to get a ruler to make a line on his picture straighter (what's up with all these straight lines lately?)"
I said "That line looks pretty straight to me, Benjamin."
Benjamin "Well, if this book is going to be in a display, and everyone is going to look at it, then that line better be really, really straight!"

Henry "I hope we can bring the bananas to the new school" (the bananas are rocking toys).
Benjamin "We are. We're going to bring everything."

Henry. looking around "Yeah. But we better draw everything quick, because everything will be packed up soon."
Benjamin "Yeah, then everything here will be really, really quiet."
Henry "But it might not be quiet, because we might leave a Popsicle stick behind, and it might fall down and make a noise."


  1. I love how seriously they are taking this, thinking forward with empathy to the people who will come after them, imaging what they will be like and how they will perceive this book of memories. What a teacher you are!

  2. Aw shucks, Teacher Tom, right back atcha!


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