Signs of Spring

Nothing Earth shattering in this post, but I'd thought I'd share some photos with you. The dandelions and violets are blooming, we have water play on the playground, and it looks like Spring may be here to stay for awhile in Richmond, Va., USA.


  1. I love dandilions - the children are thrilled to be able to freely pick what, to them, are flowers.

    How to get dandilions to spread throughout the yard, so this free-flower-picking can be a long-lived spring exploration?

    (sigh) only in ece do we value weeds....

  2. You are right! We are lucky to have a small grassy area (we call it the meadow), where buttercups grow when it gets a bit warmer. Every now and then the Church folks come and mow all the buttercups makes me sad, because the children enjoy them so much.

  3. One year when I was very young, I opened a gazillion dandelion seed pods and spread them all over our yard. It was a great harvest until my dad put out weed killer. Shhhh, he never knew.


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