Flower Day!

Parents plan a wonderful Teacher appreciation celebration each year. Last night we had a dinner at Avery's house, with food cooked by Sabot families. the setting was beautiful -a house from a magazine made more delightful by the air hockey table in the living room! Today was flower day -a really lovely tradition where children come in with flowers for the teachers they love.

It is hard to hold to serious small group inquiry on such an exciting day, so here are some of the things that happened in the open studio;
Reese made a tooth box in case he gets a loose tooth, Lola and Avery made a Mothers day present, Greta made a picture, Sam made more flowers, Dalia and Kaiya colored.


  1. Flower day is such a beautiful idea.

  2. ...and this is what I get for not checking in more frequently - I had no idea Reese made the tooth box! I've been getting just a glimmer that he's starting to think about loose teeth, but it sounds like there's more going on inside his head than I knew. Thanks!


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