Pre-school Memory Book

"After we all leave here, what will you want people to remember about the old Sabot Preschool? What will you want to remember about this place? What would you want to show the children who never got to go to school here?"
"I was thinking about buttercups. I want to remember them because they are so special and magical." Arthur 5.5
"Running through the labyrinth, looking at the trees, flying kites in the meadow, every bird in the forest." Lily, 5.11

“I would like people to remember my classroom. I want them to remember that everybody says the Sabot Dragon lives in a cave. The cave is hiding behind a big tree. He has a basket that he puts strawberries in. Maybe he has a little strawberry plant, and he picks them.” Elizabeth 5.9


  1. Aww, I love the way the kids really explained themselves. I wish I could do the same, if only I had older kids! hehe I wonder what my toddlers would say if I asked them? :)


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