A visit to Stony Point

I accompanied the Meadow room (pre-k age) to visit our other campus and future home at the Stony Point campus.

They hiked up the long road to the door with much anticipation and excitement, dancing with joy (and a bit of nervousness, too). Not all of the children will carry on with kindergarten with us, but everyone is aware of the pre-school move and knows that when they visit Sabot in the future, we will be at Stony Point.

Next we went to one of the 1-2 classes where the children sang some of the songs they wrote this year, and showed us their guidebooks to the plants, animals, birds and snakes of the Stony Point campus. Some children took tours of the building, and then the 1st and 2nd graders led us into their forest, which is much larger than the wild space we share at the pre-school.
After that, the Meadow room visited the kindergarten.

What a wonderful day!


  1. Oh wow, that forest is just beautiful. Lucky, lucky children :)


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