The last day of school picnic

Each year we have a final circle on the last day of school and then everyone packs off to a park for a picnic.

This year we travelled from the preschool over to our other campus for the party/picnic. Students had been growing sunflower seedlings in their preschool classrooms, and teachers brought them over to plant in a circle in front of the Stony Point main building. It was lovely to see the children, parents, and teachers working together to plant this little garden.

When we return to school, there might be bright, yellow sunflowers blooming to welcome the children to their new school home!
Posted by PicasaIt's good to know staffers Sara, Marty and Irene are always there with a beautiful idea to bring us all together.


  1. I love this post.

    Preschool is never be just about children. It is about families. We are never just teaching children, that's something we all need to understand. When those families arrive at school next year, they will tell the story of the sunflowers -- for many of them it will be a story that they tell every time they see sunflowers.


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