Robot and Photographer Play

Some of the Garden Room guys have been interested in Robots all year. They came to the studio recently to make Robot costumes for a robot dance/play. I played them Robot Parade by They Might Be Giants, and they danced a while (sadly, my video camera is busted). Then, they made the costumes and wrote this story. It is neat that Cooper, who did not like the feeling f his robot mask, decided to be a photographer in the play instead of a Robot. This is the group that has been exploring cameras and photography. There can't be many preschool classrooms where 'Photographer' is a common place role.
By Lucas, Cooper and Oliver May 24, 2010

Once there were 3 Robots and one Photographer. They danced along a parade. The Robot parade got too close to a volcano!
The Photographer got too close to the volcano and fell in. “Help me!!” he said.
The Robots would try to save him. They yelled “Photographer, climb out of the volcano! Climb up the side! We’ll try to catch you! We’ll try to save you!”
But he did not get out.
Later, when the volcano blew up, the Photographer blasted out. He went thump, thump, thump, back into the volcano, dead. Then, he blasts out again, dead.
Lucas the robot pushes his medicine button. Out pops a bottle of medicine.
The other robot, R2D2-O can open bottles! He opens the bottle, and the Robots give the photographer the medicine.
He woke up and said “that Volcano was bad news!”
The robot R2D2-O said, “Lucas the robot’s medicine bottle was really good!” Lucas the robot shut down.


  1. You asked one time "what is it" that is fascinating about robots. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that robots are evidently powerful AND made and controlled by humans. The fact that robots actually exist make them show up like a real avenue to being super power in the world (unlike the significantly more unrealistic avenues to power like superheros or princesses.) Just today, a boy walked in and whispered to me that he was a "master giant robot builder." He the swaggered away, almost strutting.

    By the way, one of our families has just announced the intent to donate digital cameras for the use of the kids! I may be hitting you up for brand/type suggestions.

  2. Here's a link to a video of the children performing the Robot Parade -- Cooper was the photographer for the movie: (hope this works!) ~ Sara


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