Summer Art Camp

This week we had an 'Art Camp' over at the Stony Point Campus. My daughter Zoe G. helped as we made giant masks inspired by the Easter Island figures, many prints in a 'stationary factory', and played with clay, paint and other materials. We also made "art bots" (see artbots on Teacher Tom's blog), and messed around with the little motors and battery packs from radio shack.
Toshi, with his engineer's mind, and Sammi, a new friend, tried out many inventions that could move. In the end, Toshi decided he liked a simple construction of just a motor and propeller. I will be sure to keep these machine/materials around in the future for messing about and tinkering.

(masks; Mouse, Giant Bug, Horse and Dragon)


  1. Those little motors are such fun -- just make sure to remind kids that they don't go well when combined with long hair!


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