a conversation, a kindness

I have a big binder that is full of pictures of heroes, mermaids, space guys, and monsters. There are examples of the work of Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael and Donatello, for Ninja Turtle fans, and pictures of Medusa and some dragons. It usually has some image that can help if a child wants to draw something dangerous or heroic or regal... it is very useful when children want to draw most any figure from popular culture, but maybe not Dinosaurs...

One day, Kaiya came into the studio to make a dinosaur. She asked if she could look in my book to find the kind of Dinosaur she wanted to draw. As she was looking, she said "I'm a kid and a teacher. I'm a kid, and, I'm a teacher to my dog." I think I was paying special attention after she said that -I was pondering being a student and a teacher at the same time, a lifelong situation for me. She continued to turn the pages of the notebook, looking at each picture and saying "Let's see if this man made a dinosaur. No. Let's see if there's one on the next page. No." After a while I said, I might not have the kind of dinosaur you want in there. Maybe you will have to make it your own way?

Kaiya said "I know, I will put my picture in your book, Anna. Then you will have a dinosaur next time I want to make one."


  1. The wisdom of children always takes my breath away.... The other day, my "wild" child asked me; "does everyone live on this earth?-what do people do who don't live on this earth?". I was stumped. As an atheist who believes in exposing her children to many forms of spirituality so that she may chose her own path I could take the spiritual route. Then there was the whole scientific side of things..... What a loaded question for a new 4 year old whose rivers run far deeper than I expected....

  2. Lovely post.
    Children are so amazing, aren't they? Wanted to invite you to please join the new weekly link up I am going to host on my blog called Reggio Emilia Wednesdays. Would love it if you would share some of your neat posts. I have signed up to follow your blog and hope that you will want to pop over to see mine and to hopefully add a link.
    Have a nice week,

  3. I read this when you posted it, Anna, and thought I'd left a comment, but I guess I didn't. I came back today to re-read it. What a wonderful story. One worth re-reading over and over. It's like a parable.


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