Sound and Music/Children and Birds

In the Meadow room, our school wide investigation of music and sound started with children bringing in a 'sound of summer'. These were brown paper bags containing a sound or song, or something that evoked a sound. In a beautiful coincidence,the Meadow room teachers had set up a balcony outside the classroom window with bird feeders and perches, and many of the sounds families sent from their summer memories contained hints of birdsong children had encountered over the summer. The children and teachers began to share interest in birds, their songs and homes.

Last week, Nancy brought a group into the studio to represent the songs of birds. She played the sounds of cardinals, hummingbirds, and others on the computer while the children drew.

I like how you can see how engaged the children are with this inquiry

but that doesn't mean there is no action

Some of the drawings showed birds, while others were more graphic
representations of their songs.

Bluejay by Fiona
Robin by Adelina


  1. Wow! I wonder if Fiona has seen the illustrated representation of sound waves or if she drew that from her own imagination.... wonderful either way. Adelina's robin has such a lovely long delicate beak.... Love the long picture showing the children deeply engaged.


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